Inglés Greece did not let us go , why , with the crisis in this European country is also clear how sick Europe and the world in general .

The history of mankind is marked by wars , Clausewitz has coined the phrase :

„War is the continuation of politics by other means“ ,

the closure is that the war is part of the policy , is means to an end and therefore legitimate. Dabe should be the last resort to the policy of war . The question is , this inevitably leads to the policy ? Easy way politicians speak to people , but you caneasy to answer this question , which does not , Germany is again a prime example .

Mostar a German writer wrote in one of his books

“ Is not that a people behind every great man , but behind every great man is a banker “

Before the Medici , the finances the wars of kings and emperors in Europe , it was the Rothschild , Rockefeller , German Bank , among others, to the present day .

One example is the American War of Independence . An English banker was asked and asked how he could so happen to His Majesty the KingHow he had financed the war against England , the answer was quite simply there in court ,

“ … What a king needs a banker ‚ s clear to me , but what aBankers need a king , which is incomprehensible to me . “

In times of capitalism behind the politics and politicians , financial capital and industry , the people comes at the very end , at least when it comes to decisions . Money is power , and who has the power today does not need a nation of democracy .

Jakob Augstein in the mirror today in Germany ’s role in Europe . In truth, the Germans come backbeen quite uninhibited as a teaching and trainers in Europe . How long ago that unification of the two German states ? In this short time we have learned so much about us . Who believed that we now the good which should rethink again

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