The 2nd World War is not yet over

Greece has accepted most of the demands of the European Union on Sunday night, so for the time being averted a possible exit from the euro , without recorded advantages. On the contrary , the claims of creditors go beyond all what was expected , while Greece is indeed provided a rescheduling of debt in view , there is no binding commitments but .
The setting up new funds over 50 billion euros to be held trust outside and sold in the Greek state property of Greece , reminds me a lot of the so-called trust company afterUnification of the two German states in which the best pieces of cake form the GDR were hawked what looked more like a raid .
The major German companies that had after the end of WW2 lost their property on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic moved to the turn in droves in their vaults over more than 40 years of hoarded title deeds out to take back their property .
Even the IG Farben, which was featured in Nuernberg as criminal and is until today in liquidation , with an uncertain end , made ​​their claims to the Leuna works submitted .
What happened in that time , then repeated in Poland, Slovakia , Czech Republic andin other former Eastern Bloc countries in almost the same way .
Volkswagen won the Scoda works , to name just one example .
Now they reach for Greece and the Ucraine .
So the 2nd World War continues , with the other agents .

The flourishing landscapes Mr Kohl has paid for you, the great mass went away empty-handed .
On these corpses , the current political and economic supremacy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the European Community justified.
Helmut Schmidt has shown in a speech that, “ The wealth of the Federal Republic of Germany today is based on the debt of other countries , the surplus profitsfrom exports to Europe are the debts of other countries “ .
This clearly shows the increasing interdependence of Politk , economic and financial capital without limits .
The geopolitical goals of yesterday are today , the theories of Karl Haushofer , Rudolf Steiner are ubiquitous .

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