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Europe in the fight against terrorism and a political Europe


Entitled “ First Steps of a political Europe “ published an article on Bernard Guetta , which you should read with attention .

His assessment of the situation after the attacks in Paris can not find my consent without contradiction . France asked for the help and support of the European Union countries and thereby brought to Article 42 ( 7 ) of the EU Treaty into play , the I cite below in wording .

Article 42 TEU

( 7 ) In the event of armed aggression on its territory of a Member State , the other Member States owe him all in their power aid and assistance , in accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations . This prejudice the specific character of the security and defense policy of certain Member States . Commitments and cooperation in this area shall be consistent with commitments under the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation , which remains the foundation of their collective defense and the forum for its implementation for its member States . Both Articles , both of Article 42 , and Article 51 of the UN Charter governing the joint action in the event of armed aggression against a Member State and in accordance with the international law , an attack by one state against another.

Only in this case the products are applicable . Neither on the two international Syria conference still on the G 20 Summit , reference was made to these international legal basis , only at the Conference of Defence Ministers brought the French defense minister , these legal bases into play .

If someone has agreed to take joint action in the Union on this basis , this can only lead to a violation of international law , which is already evident from the fact that the UN Security Council resolution that interpretation does not connect .

Neither Syria nor Lebanon nor Iraq can in this sense as an attacker on France or the EU are called , the IS , it may be Islamic State designate , within the meaning of international law is not a state with a territory and a state people , it is a terrorist organization , which is criminal and combating it can only be based on the applicable penal legislation .

Joint action within the meaning of the principle of solidarity in the European Union does not constitute news. In this respect, this is by no means a historical turning point in the foreign and defense policy of the EU and even not at all a milestone for European political union .

So is also the military US engagement , France and some Arab States are internationally very fragile , only Russia has its legitimacy by the only legitimate government of Assad in Syria and it takes its more than made ​​role in relation to combat both the rebels and the IS to the rule of law restore , which is the first target . The coordination of military actions by the other states , such as USA, France and others, solely to avoid incidents between them serves the goal .

Support for the Syrian rebels by the EU should already not be the way to fight terrorism , rather to special be suitable the regular Syrian government to overthrow , to then deploy to the fight against IS , a very questionable business as in Iraq and Afghanistan . The only way I see is to bring Assad and the opposition to the negotiating table to establish the rule of law again and to fight in joint action with the other states the IS , the other political games will bring no result .